She will remain as a KEEPSAKE.- #7

Ding Dong! Ding Dong!

First it was the phone and now the door bell has opted to not let me sleep. I didn’t even realise that my eyes have shut down when I was sitting on the sofa, while I was waiting for the brooker. It must be the brooker, Anna. I forgot to bring the milk carton while returning from the office, I can’t offer him tea also, he came all the way to my home just to provide the information, which is not even related to me, not even a bit. I stood up, stretched my arms and went to answer the door. 

“Rohan?” The girl on the door enquired. 

I was rubbing my eyes to make the vision a little clearer. I was still in my sleep but that was not the reason, why I got dumbstruck. Charming face usually makes you go speechless, when they turn up unexpectedly at your door. An extremely ravishing girl was standing at my door. By her appearance the room light had not just only glowed, but also accomplished the ambience with positive vibes. Her hair was kohl-black and cascaded over her shoulders. She had enticing, gloomy black eyes. They were dew-pond round. She had cupid’s bow lips, they were plummy, plump and suede soft. She had a genteel disposition and she had a syrup sweet voice. She wore Indo-western clothes in an offbeat way. I realised that she was still looking at me, awaiting for the response. It took me a little while to get back to her.

“Yes, yes and you?” I stuttered. 

“I am Neha, I called you on the phone. Remember?” She responded. 

Remember? Are you kidding me, this is the only thing I am thinking since we first talk.

“Yeah, Of course I remember. Come on in, sit” I said and signalled her to sit on the sofa. 

“Give me two minutes I will freshen up be back.” I said politely. 

She just gave me a smile and nodded on that. 

The same girl who refused to give her number, the is now sitting in my hall. Harpreet was right, I will get what I want in the right time. But how dumb I am, I was so eager for this moment and how idiotically I reacted when she actually showed up. Never mind, now the ball is completely in my court, I will play it my way.

She is as beautiful as her voice sounded on the phone. Wow! South Indian girls are ravishing.

I went into the bathroom to freshen up. I was feeling excited. I turn on the tap, but, no water! I checked the other tap but it seems like, water has chosen the wrong day to go scarce. Fuck! I squealed to myself in annoyance. I looked for the water in the buckets, but bad luck has surrounded me like the sea surrounds the lonely island. I bend down to check the jet spray, the last and the dirtiest option and…

Ding dong! Ding dong!

Another doorbell disturbed me, it must be the brooker, Anna. I hustled into the hall to answer the door, butNeha was not there in the hall. I got muddled, where did she go? Did she hide behind the sofa to play hide and seek? No, she was not in playful mood. Then where did she disappear? 

I was going to answer the door and I felt a jerk abruptly. My eyes started to feel the stress and the door bell commenced blowing bombshells into my ears. That last bombshell gave me a little awareness. I opened my eyes and looked around. I was still lying on the sofa and my chin was covered by slobber. I realised that it was a dream, fuck! it was a dream! I wipedown the saliva from chin and went to answer the door. Hoping that it will be just like a dream, Neha will be there on the other side and will ask, “Rohan?”. But, dreams and reality do have a difference: Dreams make you happy and in the next moment puts you back in the reality and reality pinches you in the ass and shouts loudly in your ear, ‘I am still here, Idiot’. 

Yes, it is reality, Brooker Anna was there. I barely recollect how beautiful Neha was in my dream, but Anna’s appearance totally erased that little memory of Neha. ‘Thank you Anna’ I mused to myself. 

I welcomed Anna and before telling him to sit, he already made himself comfortable on the sofa. See this is the difference, even in dream Neha showed etiquettes and now, see the reality. 

I signalled Anna with fingers, 2 fingers, which anyone in the world can interpret that we will be back in two minutes. 

I went into the bathroom to get fresh, unlike dream this time there was water in the tap. I got fresh, wiped my face and went into the hall with a glass of water for Anna. 

Anna took a sip of water and kept it on the floor and turned to me,

“What happend sir? Why were you asking me about the owner?” Anna questioned. 

“Some girl called me on the phone and was asking about the owner’s son, Rohan. She has called many times asking for him.” I answered. 

“Okay okay. Did you ask her who is she? Anna queried. 

“Yeah I did, she is friend of Rohan. But, what happened to Rohan? Why he is in the Hospital?” I probed. 

“Yeah, I asked my friend about the owner’s son. He said that he met with an accident last year when he was in Mumbai. After that accident, he is not able to move or respond to anything, like paralysis.” Anna clarified. 

“Oh! That’s really sad Anna!” I groaned. 

“Yes, he is young and seeing their only son in this condition must be very hard for his parents.” Anna stated. 

“Yeah it is heart breaking.” I acknowledged. 

Of course it is heart breaking to his parents as well as to Neha. She kept calling on this number expecting that she may get to talk with her Rohan. But, destiny always decide their move without our consent. 

I offered brooker Anna that we will go out to have tea or coffee, but Anna refused. He said that he already had tea before coming to my place. 

I got all the answers to the Neha’s questions. Answers, for which, she’s dying to know but, after hearing those answers, she will not be happy, at all. Hope that she will cope with that pain, which is about to enter into her life. 

Anna stood up to leave and he looked at the table and asked,

“Rohan sir, why you kept this box on the table?” Anna asked pointing his finger on the landline phone. 

“Ah, Because if I keep it under the table, then I will have to bend down every time when I will get a call. It will be like bowing to caller first and then answer.” I jested. 

That response cracked Brooker Anna into laughter.

“Actually, on that landline only that girl was calling again and again. That phone has become pain in my ass. After telling that girl about Rohan, I am going to cut that connection and throw that box back under the table.” I miffed. 

Anna looked at me suspiciously. The next moment Anna chuckled and raised his hand to give me hi five. I felt great, seeing Anna in this great mood, Anna is becoming a buddy now. I asked Anna,

“What happend?” 

“You are really funny Rohan Sir.” He grinned and added, “There is no connection here Rohan sir. The Owner has cut down the line when they left the house.” 

My ears got numb after hearing that.

“Wha…what?” I stuttered. 

“Yeah, they cut the phone connection and may be after disconnecting the line they kept it here only, under the table.” Anna clarified. 

I abruptly dropped my self on the sofa and was still trying to figure out what is going on. 

“What happend Rohan sir?” Anna inquired as I sat impulsively after listening to what Anna said. 

“Nothing.” I said dryly. 

“Okay, I will leave. But you are really funny sir.” Anna said smilingly and left. 

Dream! Please turn whatever just happened, the conversation with Brooker Anna, everything into a dream. I slapped myself, once, twice, thrice harder this time. What did just happen? Am I going mad? Or did Brooker Anna did a prank with me? Oh my god! What the hell was that!

I went near the phone tremblingly. I picked up the receiver and held it near my ear. My hands were shivering, receiver dropped from my hand unwillingly. It was dead, no connection was there. Anna was right. 

I was still numb. I blinked my eyes, 2-3 times to feel the presence of myself. I looked for the black connection cable of that landline and started pulling it. I pulled, pulled it harshly and it came out in a wagging manner from the window frame in the hall. It was dead.

“It is a dead connection, it was always a dead connection.” I howled and sat near the table holding that phone, dead phone in my hand. 

I went into my bedroom, held my pillow and told the whole story aloud, with my eyes. Every drop coming out from my eyes asked a question, ‘Neha, who were you and why me?’. My tears kept asking the questions and my pillow wiped all those questions from my cheek, but these questions can’t be erased from my memory. 

Next day in the office.

“So, had any talk with Neha? Did you ask her out?” Harpreet asked with a smile. 

“No Harry, I will follow your words. I won’t ask her, I will wait for the right time.” I lilted.

“Oh that’s great, but what about Neha, Rohan?” Harpreet questioned. 

“I guess, She will remain as a Keepsake!” I answered.
P.S- Thank you for reading this story, and sticking to this story till Chapter 7, lots of Love.

If by any chance you find any resemblance of this story or the climax, then it will be a mere coincidence. Because the development, creation and execution of this story is original and solely inspired from the comedy TV series F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Thank you!


She will remain as a KEEPSAKE.- #6

“Hey Rohan, what’s up. Suraj told me you were looking for me.” Harpreet startled me as he suddenly appeared into my cubicle. 

“Nothing bro, just wanted to share a small thing with you, but you were busy discussing with Akriti, so didn’t bother you. By the way, what were you discussing with her for so long?” I asked him out of curiosity. I desperately wanted to talk about that wrong number, but I was also eager to know what he was talking with Akriti. 

“Yaar. I should’ve told you before, but I guess now is the right time to tell you.” He said biting his lips. 

“What? Is anything wrong?” I asked him. 

“Actually, me and Akriti, are kind of a couple.” He said shyly. 

“Kind of a….?” I probed.  

“Me and Akriti are in a relationship. No one in the office knows that. You are my best friend here and I trust you, so thought of sharing this thing with you Rohan.” He said putting his hand on my shoulder. 

“Really? That’s, great bro!” I said with a smile on my face, because inside I was feeling jealous. 

Everyone around me is in a relationship, first it was Suraj and now it is Harpreet. I have started hating those talks which involves love and couple. But, also I was happy that Harpreet found me trustworthy to share his personal things with me. 

“What you wanted to talk with me bro?” He asked. 

We both sat in my cubicle and I told him the whole story of wrong number, and also how I ruined my dignity in the view of Neha on phone. 

First he laughed and then he said,

“I think you should ask to the broker, and tell her. And then ask her if she would like to meet you or not. Though she is going to turn you down, but you can at least try. Boy, you have lost that good boy image by saying that typical line to approach her. You are helping her, so may be for sake of that, she might say yes.” Harpreet explained.

I gave a nod on that, as I felt miserable for saying that typical line. I should’ve not said that, I would’ve not felt bad about that. But, when Harpreet also said that it was a wrong move, then I realized how bad it is.  

“But, what are you going to do Rohan if she agrees to meet you? Means what is in your mind. That girl, Neha is obviously persistent to talk with another Rohan. May be he is her boyfriend or something. But what do you want from her?” Harpreet nagged. 

I turned my eyes to the to-do list, stuck on the partition of my cubicle above my computer. He was asking the right questions, what do I want? Why I want to meet her? What will I say to her? I have just talked to her for couple of times. Why I am so desperate to talk with her or meet her? May be what Harpreet said is correct. That Rohan might be her boyfriend, and probably she will not even agree to meet. 

Harpreet tapped on my shoulder to console, “Chill Bro, you will get what you want on the right time. You just help her out, give her the information she wants. Don’t stress out yourself.”

I made a confused face and smiled at him. 

“Yeah I guess so. May be coming to Bangalore was a bad decision Harry. I feel lonely here, I miss Delhi very much.” I lamented.  

“Don’t worry Rohan, you will get used to this. Cheer yourself, it is nothing actually. Treat it as an incident and leave.”

“Okay sir!” I chortled and saluted him. 

He mocked to punch me and laughed and said,

“Let’s go to canteen and have coffee. You will feel fresh bro.”

“Hopefully! For IT people, coffee and drinks are the only solution to make themselves fresh.” I stated and gave him hi five. 

“But for now we have to settle down for coffee only.” Harpreet winked. 

I decided to call the broker in the evening after office and ask him about the Rohan and tell Neha when she will call. And I will not ask her about meeting me or even try to continue the conversation. I will just wait for the right time and right person. 

Harpreet was absolutely right, that coffee really made me feel better. When I and Harpreet went in the canteen, Suraj was already there with his girlfriend, Gautami. After a while, Gautami left. Then we talked about the office, affair of Romeo and Laila and when will our salary be credited and how much bonus we might get in Diwali, though Diwali was far away. I felt good after talking with those idiots. All the talks were futile but they were filling the emptiness within me. 

I opened the lock and went inside my home. The first thing came in front of my vision after entering was that landline, kept on the table, and then I thought of calling the broker. 

“Hello, illi Rohan.” I said in Kannada. 

(Hello, Rohan here)

“Haudu haudu.” He replied. 

“Are you free, I have to talk something about the owner?” I said in English, because I have learnt only usual responses in kannada. 

“Haudu, enayitu?” He said in kannada. 

“Anna, english, english please.”

“What happened Rohan sir?” He said in his south Indian accent. 

“Who is the owner of this flat? And where does he live?”

“Some Agrawal is the owner and they live in Mumbai nowadays. I also don’t know the owner. One of my broker friend have given me the reference of this flat. Why, what happened, sir?” He asked. 

“Umm…. nothing. Actually I was getting a call on the phone regarding some Rohan, I figured it out that he must be the son of the owner.” I said to the broker. 

“Haudu! Yeah. That’s why they are living in Mumbai sir.” He blurted, it seemed like my words recalled him of something. 

“He is the reason? As in?” I persisted.

“My friend told me that, their son is being treated in some hospital there. That’s why they are living there.” He said calmly. 

“Really? From how long? I mean what happened to him?” I asked recollecting the appropriate questions within my head. 

“Sir I am with a client now. I am near your area only; I will come there and will talk. Will it be okay Rohan sir?” Broker requested. 

“Yeah, alright. Just call me before coming.” I assented. 

Rohan is in the hospital! Neha will be shattered after listening to this. More than that, how am I supposed to tell her all these? I will just say like that, casually. For how long I will be empathic! 

I kept the phone in my pocket, came near the table and was looking at the brown square landline phone. I kept wondering, why Sir Graham Bell invented this thing? To connect with the people; to make it easier to convey your talk to the other person who is physically absent. But the purpose of this invention is totally manipulated by today’s mankind. Leave! I mumbled. Let’s not indulge into this thought, I will ask the broker what has happened to Rohan and convey the message to Neha and end up it as early as possible. Also, call the telephone exchange people to cut down the connection of this damn landline, which has been the cause for not letting me sleep in the afternoon. 
To be continued…

She will remain as a KEEPSAKE.- #5

“Hello, Neha?” I said pantingly, I had just come running after listening the ring.

“How did you know that it’s me?” Neha asked.

“Intuitions, ha-ha.” I said with a stupid grin on my face; sleep forgotten.  

“Oh that’s weird. Actually, I called you to ask, about Rohan. Or anything you might know where he is.” She asked

“Umm Neha, I don’t know anything about that. But, maybe I can get that information from the broker, who showed me this flat.” I said courteously.

“Okay. That would be a great help, thanks. Sorry may I know your name?”

“Rohan.” I replied. 

“Sorry?” She yelped.  

“No no, my name is also Rohan, Rohan Shrivastava. I am from Delhi, I just moved in here last week, for a job.” I averred. 

I said those unnecessary things to initiate the necessary conversation with her. Hoping that she will understand the indications and will reciprocate them back

“Great. Okay thank you Rohan, and when will you ask the broker and let me know about it?” She cajoled. 

“I could ask him right now, but I guess afternoon is not a good time to call anybody, especially on Sundays.” I quipped. 

“Oh! That means I have called you at the wrong time. Both time.” She conceived. 

Bam! Usual gesture of a girl; to take boy’s sarcasm in the most impossibly wrong way. I never mentioned that she called me at the wrong time, though it was, but I showed the courtesy. And I was talking about the broker, how she jumped to this conclusion that she called me at the wrong time!

“No, I didn’t mean that Neha. I am just saying…”

She interjected,

“It is fine. I am just kidding.” She laughed, “Maybe I will call you on Thursday, is it okay?”

“Yeah, till that I will ask my broker about your friend.”

“Thanks. It was nice talking with you Rohan.” She said. 

“Really! But we didn’t talk actually. What we talked was just about the broker and your friend.” I replied quirkily.

I don’t know why I tried this cliché trick to abide her into the conversation. This is not Delhi, and Neha is not a Delhiite to comply with such response, and talk further. 

“That was a formal thing Mister. I didn’t mean that okay! And I called you to ask about Rohan only.” She replied indecently. 

Yes Delhi boy, tell your jockey to control your mouth. I sensed that she disregarded what I said. 

“I am sorry. I will ask the broker in evening. You give me your number I will contact you as soon as I get any news of your friend.” I said cordially. 

“No it’s fine. I will call you on Thursday.” She said firmly. 

I felt miserable. She turned me down to give her number. 

But I still wanted to talk with her. 

“Can I ask you something Neha? Please.” I said softly. 

“What?” She queried. 

“Why you want to talk with Rohan?” I asked. 

“Actually, I would like to tell that to Rohan only.” She answered. 

“Okay. Sorry to ask you that. Just wanted to know, if anytime I meet him, if he asks, then I would’ve told him.” I said with humour. 

“Hope so, you will. If by any chance you meet him; then just tell him it was me, that will be enough. And I am really sorry, that thing is between Rohan and me only. Hope you will understand.” She responded calmly. 

“Yes, yes I can understand.” I acknowledged. 

“Anyway, thank you very much. I will call you on Thursday.” She said. 

“Okay, bye bye.” I said in a casual tone. 

She hung up the phone without replying. She hung up on my face! Such a terrible thing. Being courteous nowadays is been taken for granted, hence was proved by her action. I was going to help her; I was the one who would be the reason for reconciliation with her friend. But no, requiting the humanity is not a fashion anymore.  

Rohan? Why she wants to talk with him? There relation must be something else, I guess. She is persistently trying to contact him. No one does like this nowadays, especially girls. They are surrounded by so many of stalkers, who become their good friends when they get away from their boyfriends. Subsequently, boyfriend is replaced by that stalker. And during all these, thought of that boy, who used to love that girl, never pops into her head, because stalker had vanish all those memories by his over dramatic and diabetic sweet talks. I am the stalker here, who is trying to help her out than using the tricks to deceive her. Pff! But deep inside my heart was pounding. Neha might be in a relationship with Rohan. I gave those thoughts a comma. I decided to call the broker tomorrow, and ask about the owner and Rohan and tell Neha what it is.

After a while, I returned to my room to enjoy my sunday nap, before the time runs away and my nap gets ruined like it did on last sunday, because of Neha indeed. But today, it was different, not like the last time, today we at least talked, though I turned that talk into a mess, but we talked. I figure out, that she is really genuine and loyal to Rohan. Or else who will keep looking for a boy like she is? Girls, nowadays, who usually walks out on boys and here, Neha is coming back again and again to this Rohan. Lucky him, I was envying the other Rohan, I want all that what he is getting. Those calls, those talks and secrecy of talks between a couple, which Neha was maintaining, I want all that, especially Neha. I have not seen her, but after today’s talk I felt something, not love obviously, but I want to know her. All these thoughts were not mine, those thoughts came out of jealousy, nothing else. I will be fine after a nap. Oh my god! Seeing towards the ceiling and thinking consumed great time I guess, time was 4.30 PM. And once again my nap is ruined and somehow the reason is the same person who ruined it on last sunday. Will I ever get to sleep on off days ever! I grieved. 
Next Day in the Office:

I thought to share the wrong number talk to Harpreet first and then talk to the broker. Suraj told me that he is with Akriti in her cabin. I wanted to go there but, I can’t just go in her cabin to talk with Harry. Though I call her Akriti in my head, I have to call her Akriti Ma’am in real. I was wandering outside her cabin, waiting for Harpreet to come. 

I waited for him there for half an hour, but he didn’t come. So, I returned to my cubicle.

I sat on my armchair, placed my hands on the table and rested my head on my hands and closed my eyes. Thoughts were flowing and flying from one end to the other; from brains to the heart. Wrong number, my office, Majnu, Laila, Bangalore and at the end, Rohan, everyone sucks. My life has taken a huge turn, I guess. Few months before, I was there in Delhi, living and enjoying my life with my family and friends. And after that, my life is like this; Breakfast, Office, Tolerance, Ignorance, Lunch, Resistance, Oppression, Dinner, Aloneness and Sleep. Does everyone’s corporate life is this lonely and sucks the same way as mine? Or I belong to some special category. Sometimes I wonder, why I really think these. Why I ask these questions and keep bombarding my composure, when I know there is no solution for this. Phew! 

I looked around, Harpreet was still in the cabin. I was wondering, why Harpreet is taking so long. I again took my position, rested my head and slept. 
To be continued…

She will remain as a KEEPSAKE.- #4

“Rohan, did you move in to the flat?” Romeo asked me.

“Yes sir, and Thank you very much for this help. It would’ve been hard to find a flat this early.” I flattered Romeo.

“It is fine Rohan. It is the responsibility to take care of our employee, and also you are new in Bangalore. So, I was aware that you will face this problem and after seeing your shy nature, I got that you will not come forth, and ask for help” Romeo said smilingly.

I smiled like an idiot and was wondering about whom he was talking. Shy? Me! LOL! And I knew he has figured out that I am lazy but not shy, that’s why he helped. Asshole.

“And don’t worry about work okay, you are an intern, you are meant to make errors. But, once you learn everything; you should rectify your own mistakes, right?”

I felt really great; Romeo was comforting and supporting me. 

“You can go now Rohan.” Romeo said.

I smiled again, this time cheerfully and opened the door of his cabin to leave. I was about to leave, Romeo called me again. 

“Rohan, this weekend there is a party at your place, huh? Will that be okay? Or you have any other plans?” Romeo inquired. I didn’t even understand, was that an inquiry or an order.

“Sure sir, no problem!” I replied quickly with a timid smile. 

Why did I say yes? I was planning to hang out with Harpreet and Akriti. I had a thought of going to Kaikondrahalli Lake; a lake side park in Bellandur. One of the associate told me about that place. He told me, the park is a pleasant place to take stroll in evening, while lots of birds return to their nests during the time of sunset and gives a perfect picturesque, plus good place to take photos. But, when there is boss’s call, every priority stays beneath. 

I returned to my cubicle. Harpreet and Suraj have explained me in detail about the changes that have to be made in the User Interface of our new software after testing. Actually, I was working on software for the asset management of a Hotel, 3 star hotels. So, I have to work on that. Plus I have to hold back myself from sleeping to avoid scolding from Laila or anyone else. 


“Dude, I guess Vijay sir has cancelled the plan.” Harpreet said on the phone.

“Hash! That is great news, but why did he cancel the plan?” I asked

“I don’t know, I am not his boss Rohan, he has the right to plan and cancel, and we don’t. We are supposed to listen.” Harpreet said annoyingly

“Leave, we got our Sunday. What are your plans? Come over, we will go out or do something.” I said. 

I asked him to come over, because I knew Harpreet and Akriti are good friends in and outside the office. So, maybe there is a chance we can make a plan in which Akriti will also be included.

“Umm, I will let you know Bro. I have some work, after finishing that I will call you.” Harpreet replied.

“What work Harry?” I asked desperately.

“Some personal work man.” Harpreet said.

I understood, I shouldn’t force him further, so I concluded the talk, and hung up the phone. 

Sunday is a holiday, till you are in college, after that Sunday feels like any other usual day. Nothing is special about this Sunday, no plans, nothing. Just stay with yourself, and think about yourself, then take a nap and after waking up, think about yourself again. And during this thinking activity, Sunday vanishes in a blur. 

I was checking my Instagram. My friends posted photos with their new friends at workplace, few uploaded their selfies at their new college, others uploading their usual photos with hastag #Latepost,#EndOfCollegeLife, #Finally_Life_Started, #NewJob, and so much of unnecessary stuff. No one gives a fuck, they just like and scroll few posts, just to see that post, ignore them and scroll. Especially me, I don’t even wait for the image to upload, I like it and scroll it down. 

And then I saw an image, ‘Love makes Life beautiful, feel it and give it. Life without Love is worthless. ‘I didn’t like that image. Love has not made my life beautiful, neither have I felt but I am desperately ready to give.

After cleaning my bedroom, I was relaxing on bed. I remembered, on previous Sunday, when I was trying to sleep, and a phone call ruined it; a wrong number. Yes, I completely forgot about that, Neha. Due to work and other priorities; that incident slipped out of my mind. In this whole week I didn’t receive any call on landline, and that means Neha must’ve met or talked with the actual Rohan, and that is why she didn’t call again. Whatever hopes I had to be with a girl; drowned. I’ve thought so much about how to engage her in talking, and make her familiar to myself. But, just like every other stupid person, my over thinking and preplanning went to vain. 

I checked my mobile before a nap for any missed calls or texts. None! As usual, which means I can sleep now. 

I buried my head in pillow, closed my eyes, and…

“Tring Tring”

My landline buzzed.

To be continued…

She will remain as a KEEPSAKE.- #3

After a whole week of work, shifting and other formalities, I was trying to enjoy my Sunday. I was feeling lonely at my flat. A transfer would’ve been very easy if I was a female. Shoot! 

One BHK flat seems small by the thought, but take yourself in my situation, it seems like, you are a lone survivor in the adjacent universe. Solitude is priceless, but only if you choose it. 

Sunday morning. Day has just started, and I got fed up from now only. Harpreet was not in the town. He went to his cousin’s place. Suraj is going for a movie with Gautami and other people whom I will not prefer to spend my Sunday with. 

I wish Akriti and my relation of an intern and Departmental head could turn into something else, at least friends. So that I could ask her out instead of spending time with myself, and preparing maggi. Ugh! 

I thought of going out rather than staying at home, but, then I explained to myself that it’s better to stay in this universe than getting baffled outside. 

I checked my phone for the 100th time for a text from any expected person, but none was there. Even my mobile company people have stopped calling me, maybe because I have turned on the ‘DND’ service. 

I just ended watching the 4th season of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Where Rachael envies the girl whom her boyfriend, Ross is dating, and Phoebe takes all the friends to some beach to meet a woman who might know where her father is. Chandler who is trying to prove his point to Moncia that he could be Monica’s boyfriend, and Joey as usual touches the funny nerve. However, one thing I liked, when Chandler says to Monica: ‘Worse comes to worse, I’ll be your boyfriend’. I need someone to whom I can say this or someone who could say this to me, a girlfriend.

After finishing the greatest task, ending the F.R.I.E.N.D.S season and controlling my anticipation to see the following season on the next weekend. 

I closed my eyes and tried to sleep in my bedroom. The moment I thought I was losing my conscious and entering into my dreamland.

‘Tring Tring’

It felt like I am at my home. I was already sleeping, in my dream and a phone call was distracting me in my dream sleep. I knew it was a trap. Because we don’t have a landline at home in Delhi. Who has landline connections nowadays, except for the offices. Let me sleep, let me sleep. It is just another distraction, like ‘I am hiding currency notes in my pocket’ or ‘Oh. Why is my professor getting piss around by my friends in the college’s playground’ or the most common one ‘I am falling. I am falling, oh my god, I am on the edge of the parapet wall of a building, and I am falling’, but we are actually falling from the edge of our bed.

‘Tring Tring!’

What the fuck! This distraction is still disturbing me. I just opened my eyes to make sure and feel my conscious. 

I startle after getting my conscious. A landline was ringing. It wasn’t a distraction in my dream. 

Why a landline is existing here. 

I hustled up to find where that landline was ringing. After searching for a while, I figured it out that it was in the hall, beneath the table, which was already here in the flat, before I moved in. I ran to the Brown colour square phone to pick up and shout at the person on the other end. However, I missed the call. 

I was exasperated. I turned around to go back and enjoy the afternoon sleep, for which Sundays are meant. I reached to my bed, and distraction screamed again, loud and clear. 

I ran down the hall to pick and vent out my all frustration. I picked the phone to shout the hell out of me. And…

“Rohan, Where are you, idiot?” The female voice on the other side screamed. 

She screamed so loudly that ear drums of my next generation may get affected by that ultrasonic scream.

“Sorry, who is this?” I said confusingly and politely.

“What? Who am I? Seriously Rohan you have to make it up and start with this shit.” Lady squealed again. 

By that high-pitched tone, I sensed that lady was not a lady, that voice was of a girl, who was, I guess very eager to talk with some Rohan. 

I got dumbstruck, what should I say?

“Umm, I am really sorry Ma’am. I guess this is a wrong number.”

“Really? I don’t think so because I checked the number before dialing.” The girl on the other side still being paranoid.

“Yes, sure it is. I moved in here since few days only. And I didn’t have any idea that this house has any landline phone, really.” I assured her. 

“Oh, umm. I am umm, really sorry. I shouted like a psycho. I am extremely sorry. I thought the person whom I wanted to talk still lives there. Sorry to bother you” 

It sounds really blissful when a girl apologises, especially when it’s her mistake.

“It’s fine. Okay” 

I hung up the phone. 

Oh great. What I have thought of doing before picking up the phone and what I did. Girls are the enchantress, did her magic, shouted on me, and I didn’t even reply to her with a scream, instead  I talked politely. 

I threw myself on the bed, and a thought popped in. Wait a minute, did she asked for Rohan? Fuck, what a coincidence. Did she actually want to talk to me? Or she was looking for some other Rohan? If she wanted to talk to me, then how she got the phone number of the landline, which I also didn’t know exist. 

Though she sounded like Dolly Bindra at first when she shouted, but when she apologised, I felt the tenderness of her voice. 

I don’t know for which Rohan she is looking for, but being the Delhian, I won’t let that opportunity missed by this Rohan. 

Next time when she calls, I will make a move.

Yay! Sunday has to show me its own plan and I am loving it. 

However, the question is, when will she call? Again!

To be continued…

She will remain as a KEEPSAKE.- #2

I have been searching for a flat in Bellandur area, in south Bangalore. My office was also in the same locality, which will be easy to commute. I tried looking on OLX, Quickr, and few other apps but no luck.

Most of the times I used to wake up late and need to dash to the office. Sometimes I preferred to bath, or eventually I used deodorants. Uncleanliness is kind of a boy’s thing. 

I was living at a hotel. The company was paying for my accommodation until I find a place to live. I have asked Harpreet and Suraj to search for a flat, of course at a lower rent. I have even texted Akriti to suggest any flat if she knows, yes I have managed to talk with her and also asked her number. We used to chat but not that friendly, some formal talks, nothing more. 

I was working in my cubicle, and Harpreet ran into.

“Hey Rohan, what are you doing?” Harpreet asked, in spite of knowing that I was working on corrections which Akriti gave me.

“Nothing man, just passing the time on the designs which I already worked for.” I retorted.

Harpreet burst into laughter.

“What!” I said annoyingly.

“You remind me of my initial days here. I was also snapped like this by Laila. For not completing the designs as per directed, plus I crossed the deadline. She bursted on me so harshly that I felt miserable about myself.” He said making that Punjabi sad face.

“Chill man, I wasn’t snapped by anyone, okay. Akriti just asked me to review the completed work, that’s it. And that is good for me only. I will learn things and try to figure out my own mistakes.” I explained him.

Harpreet grinned after listening to me and said,

“Shit man, do all people of Delhi are this Bakchod, or you have some special moves. Akriti told me everything, she asked me to help you out in this.” 

He covered his face to hide his laughter.

Now I got why he told me the incident of him feeling miserable post Laila’s judgment. To make me realise, I was quite lucky that Akriti told me to redo my work and not Laila. More reasons for me to lean towards Akriti. How kind she is, she cared a lot for the employees who work under her team. She told Harpreet to help me out and explain the queries so that I shouldn’t feel dishearten. Nice gesture. I was dying to ask her out after knowing all this. Thank god, Harpreet can’t resist such talks to himself. 

“I will tell you the corrections later, first we will have lunch okay. I am hungry and only you, and me are left. Suraj went out with Gautami.”

“Yes, I am also starving actually. Should we go OUT for lunch or in the canteen?” I asked, giving more stress on out and less on the canteen.

“We don’t need to go anywhere. I have brought Tiffin, for both of us.” He raised his hand toward me for a high five. 

I smiled back and returned high five. 

I don’t know about Akriti, but sure I am lucky to have wonderful people like Harpreet and Suraj, though Suraj is a little asshole. Because he is in a relationship, and I had no one, I felt jealous actually. He is dating Gautami Menon, from administrative. She is gorgeous and Suraj has that face, whom we always want to punch right on the nose. Still, he managed to have a girlfriend, strange things and couple happens in Bangalore. Harpreet told me, a few months back, due to some issues regarding the Income tax returns and VAT, Suraj was going frequently in administration department, and cause of those often visits, he and Gautami become friends and then girlfriend-boyfriend. 

After finishing the delicious lunch, Harpreet while packing his Tiffin box said,

“Rohan, I have given your number to one of the brokers in this area. Actually, Vijay sir gave it and told me to pass you the message.” 

“Seriously! Romeo gave my number to the broker? I wasn’t knowing that Romeo is so generous.” I said surprisingly. 

“You getting it wrong! In this week, Romeo and Laila intuited that you are kind of a lazy and wasting company’s money in hotel accommodations. So, to save our company money and for a little help, he showed this gesture. Just thank god Laila didn’t come over to give the broker’s number.” Harpreet said sarcastically.

Harpreet added.

“And Romeo is not that bad Rohan. He is a good person. He even comes to our weekend parties and few times he has sponsored the drinks also.”

“Amazing, he is kind of a intricated person, Huh?” I asked curiously.

“I don’t know, you’ll get to know in coming days. He is smart. He knows better how to nurture the employees. And one more thing, Romeo’s wife, Soumya Dutta!”

Before ending those last words he gave typical Shakti Kapoor’s vulgar expression of lust.

“What!” I exclaimed.

“She is damn attractive, Bengali beauty. Laila is a dime a dozen in front of her.”

Harpreet is a sleaze, just like me.

We went to the washroom to wash our hands. My cell phone buzzed.

“Hey, Harpreet what’s the number of the broker?” I asked while Harpreet was in the closet.

“I don’t remember, I guess ‘738’ is in the end.” Harpreet replied.

I answered the phone.


The person on the other side talked in indistinct language.

“Sorry, sir, can you speak in Hindi or English, please? I am not getting what you are saying.” I said

“English, yes yes Sir. Vijay Anna asked me to show you some flats, I am the broker.”


“Sir, this apartment is near to your office. And rent is also less, affordable.” The broker said in his south Indian accent.

Gulmohar apartment, near 1st cross Joggers Park. Well, the area seemed to be good and distance from the office to this apartment is commutable. 

“Sir, your office is hardly 3 KM from here. 20 minutes walking distance.”

Yes, in Bangalore also people measure the distance in time and not in kilometers. One similarity I found between people of Delhi and Bangalore.

“Okay. And how much is the rent?” I inquired. 

The only thing left to care about, money, how much I had to pay.

“Owner is demanding  ₹9000, but we can negotiate it sir, up to ₹7500. Will that be okay?”

“Umm, sure. But can we enter the flat at least, or we have to decide everything and then get to see the flat.” I said wryly.

It is annoying, first, we talked near the garden where broker and I met, then downstairs, then near the lift area and finally ended talks in front of the door of the flat. 

Broker opened the door of the flat. After entering I perceived that the flat was not too old and much used. Furniture was good, means it can be deployed by me. Table, chairs and few other usable things were there. 1 BHK flat, pretty good in this price.

“This stuff, chairs and table, will owner going to move or leave here only.” I asked to make sure that I can use them or have to buy this stuff from the market from my expenses.

“Yes yes. They are not taking this. The owner’s family has shifted to Mumbai. They don’t visit frequently and in case if they visit, they have a bungalow in Adarsh Palm Society.” Broker introduced the owner’s history.

“They moved in this flat when the renovation of their bungalow was going. After completion, they left these unnecessary things in this flat. But I don’t know why they moved to Mumbai?” The broker said with muddled expression. 

After finishing this there was an awkward silence and then broker was staring at me and smiled. 

For a moment I thought, did I asked him all this or I forgot, I have actually asked for this and then again I forgot. I was here to live in this flat not to know the background or how rich the owner is. Indeed, the owner is really rich, he is using this flat as a store room to store these unnecessary things which appeared to be new and in good condition.

“Sir, and what about the umm..” he ended without completing himself.

“Yeah, say what?” I asked him curiously.

“Commission sir, Vijay Anna didn’t say about that on the phone.” He said timidly.

“Yes sure, I will give. Means, I have to give right!” I said sarcastically and gave him high five. 

He returned my high five doubtfully, thinking, whether I am going to give his commission or not. 

Yes, how will Vijay Anna talk about the commission? That comes at my end. Doesn’t matter, because I got a nice place at good price. So, I don’t mind giving the commission, plus he gave me additional information of the owner.

Thanks to Romeo, because of whom I finally got settled in Bangalore. 

One problem is followed by the other. After getting a place to reside, I need to move my luggage and other things from the hotel. And I will also need to buy other necessary things too. I called Harpreet and Suraj to give me a hand of help in this. 

Next day, I moved into the flat. It took a whole week to complete the process of agreement, police verification, gas and electrical connection and other mandatory things. 

Saturday! At last, I experienced that relief of the weekend, first time since I came to Bangalore.

Journey in Banglore begins.

To be continued.. 

She will remain as a KEEPSAKE.- #1

It’s hard to swallow that Neha is never going to call on this phone, again. This feeling gave me a pang. I think my heart is impounded with this thought. Why did I answer the phone? Why I tried building up a relation over a phone call? Why I choose to move to Bangalore? What was I thinking, where this feeling will lead me? Is it like I am the only one to feel this much pain after a gigantic jerk or everyone feels the same or goes through the same?
Whatever happened in the afternoon, devastated me, completely. I had never imagine it will end like this. I hugged my pillow and cried the whole night. After many years since childhood, I’ve damped my bed. 

Why god, why? It has never happened with me, neither with anyone else, I think so. Why this freakish thing even occurred in my life?

I didn’t sleep, neither my eyes were feeling the strain of staying awake and crying whole night.

I was getting ready for the office in the morning, and memories flip-flopped…
My boss can’t take that I am sitting idle, after I finish my work. He was wandering around my cubicle, after the lunch break to check whether I am doing my assignment or not. I am not liking Bangalore and this atmosphere at the office is adding some more spice to it. Mr. Vijay Dutta, the Romeo, I will soon be going to stab you in the chest and slit your throat and feed them to the stray dogs downstairs of the office, which either will prefer to eat from the dump, but not your tar-filled throat. And of course, how can I spare your Laila, Mrs. Charusheela Poojary to decapitate very soon, in a dream, when I will take my power nap. Neither of my bosses is capable to adore.

Romeo opened the door of Laila’s cabin and before stepping in, he took a wide look around the floor to see who is noticing him entering into her cabin.

Mr. Vijay Dutta is the Manager of our company of Bangalore, and Mrs. Charusheela Poojary is one of the business analysts. Both are not deserving for their job, will be a typical verdict from every employee, although, it is true. Romeo has pursued a Master in Java programming and web designing and after that completed a master in Business management, and his Laila has done a master in accounts and in science of finance, both indulged their whole adulthood in education. And they are engaged in adultery, satisfactorily. Both are cheating on their partners, which their parents choose and perhaps, they didn’t. Everyone from our department knows that, but no one will discuss about it because, everyone loves their job and buttocks as much as they hate both. Neither I prefer to discuss about it, nor I am interested to, except with myself.

I was busy in settling down in Bangalore. Bangalore is a nice city, in fact, it is a great city, but may be, I am accustomed to Delhi. Delhi is something, which used to enhance me and Bangalore is causing weariness. People of Bangalore are too sophisticated and kind, which is quite a strange for any Delhian. I am missing Delhi very much and more than that my college. After placement, everyone was so happy, they got their preferred job location and I didn’t. However, that’s also okay, because getting placed, itself is a huge thing than complaining about ‘I’ve been placed but didn’t get my preferred location.’ Pff!

After done with the complaining thing, the moment I was going to lean on my table to express my unconditional love toward nap, Mrs. Laila intruded in my cubicle, for a moment I thought how the hell she came in my dream, with clothes on.  

“Rohan, Lunch-break is over. You should get back to work and complete the given work instead of wasting your time in sleeping during office hours.” Laila taunted.

“Yes Ma’am, was getting back to it.” I said politely.

“Okay, hope you make yourself used to in this office soon. Try to be present here mentally Rohan that will probably help you to learn things easily and early.” Laila gave her displeased gaze and left.

“Bitch!” I shouted in my mind.

Laila also did the same what Romeo did, took a wide look around before entering into her own cabin. Bad for them, I saw them. This happens, when your anticipation is greater with the prying habit. Either control one of them to save your ass’s. If they’d not bumped into my cubicle, I would’ve slept and enjoyed my dreams instead of seeing the rumor turning into truth.

When I first came to the office, I had a huge crush on Mrs. Poojary aka Laila but when I heard about her and Mr. Dutta’s affair, somehow her place in my perspective degraded. She can’t be my crush, if she has this worst choice or second choice for that purpose. Indeed, Laila is beautiful. She was wearing a light-blue color saree, with not so gaudy embroidery on layers and sleeveless blouse of the same colour of saree. And the bindi on her forehead, silver tiny sagging earring and frameless specs enhanced her whole look. I totally checked her out in that time, when she was snapping me.

I had an assignment to complete of our client, which was due and I was supposed to complete it and submit it at the specified time. As this is my first assignment, I should complete and submit it on time, Harpreet directed me. Harpreet Singh, who had the same designation as mine, but he was not an engineering graduate. He has done the Masters in Computer Administration (MCA). Isn’t that weird, Harpreet pursued Masters, also had experience and here I am, just graduate and fresher, still we had the same designation. Really, now I realized why my parents compelled me to take engineering than other streams. Thank god, kids still consider and listen to what their parents think is right for them. Obeying to what parents say sometime sucks, but turns out to be right for us.

Some become friend cause of their similar liking but Harpreet and I befriended cause of our related dislikes. We discontented Romeo and Laila, actually we all did, Me, Harpreet and Suraj. During lunch time, we used to discuss other stuff too, not only banging of Laila by Mr. Dutta in his or her cabin or at his or her home when their partners aren’t at home or may be in some cheap lodge, which was also a hot topic either.  

Interns are infant, who lacks the knowledge of office activities and usually seeks for the help or favors from their seniors, repeatedly. I was an intern in the Design Department. My departmental head was Akriti Gajjar, she was really sweet, helpful and adorable. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her in our office and confirmed my feelings when I was placed in her department. I deliberately went into her cabin for asking doubts, which were too apparent for me to solve, just to see her and try to build a relation, more of a friend and less of an intern and departmental head. 

This was something any Delhian would expect to happen, snapping bosses, friends who accompanies you and a crush for whom you start liking to go to the office. Now Bangalore is treating me the way I’ve wished.  
More fun might be on the way!.
To be continued…